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Welcome to Evolution Communications

Finding time to relax is at a premium these days, so when you do manage sit down and watch a movie or the big sports action why not make it as special as you can.

Whether it is simply upgrading your TV to a super slim installation, or having a full on cinema, we at Evolution specialise in making that happen. Hide all those unsightly cables away and enjoy watching a movie or the big game!

Having the ability to watch whatever devices you have in whichever room you want to is becoming more and more essential. As technolgy has become more reliable this is something which has been booming over the last few years. We will either use HD BaseT technology, or the latest IP Multicast Matrix solutions. This type of matrix solution will let you watch any input at any TV in the house with full control. So if you don't want to see any wires or boxes anywhere, all of the kit is centralised, for example, 2 x Sky boxes, 1 x BluRay player, an Apple TV, CCTV recorder, etc are all in a rack out of the way somewhere, you are then able to watch any of those devices at any screen in the house, with full control as well.

Multi-room Sound Systems

Listening to whatever you want in whichever room you choose, whether you are relaxing in the bath tub, or having a full on house party, all of this can be easily controlled from your phone or tablet.

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Data & Wi-Fi Networks

The infrastructure which technology connects over is more and more important, and with increasingly more and more devices being connected to your home & office networks, the ability for stable Wi-Fi and hard wired connections are essential.

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Home Cinema

Whether it is simply upgrading your TV to a super slim installation with all of the wiring hidden, or having a full on cinema, we at Evolution specialise in making that happen.

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Structured Cabling

Our engineering team are fully approved Connectix Installers, enabling us to offer manufacturer warranties. On top of that, all of our installations are tested with the latest test equipment on the market - Fluke DSX-5000.

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Phone Systems

Whether you require a small phone system for your home or office, or one that is capable of handling hundreds of users, we can provide the solution for you. If you have home workers that you want to be fully connected to the phone system that isn't issue.

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CCTV Systems

Whether you want to monitor any potential intruders or simply keep an eye on what's happening, we offer full IP systems, where CCTV cameras are connected back to the NVR (recorder) via ethernet cabling.

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